Noongar-English translation

The following sentences have been passed onto Robert Andrew by Whadjuk Traditional Owner Elisha Jacobs-Smith.

Robert Andrew has programmed the mechanical plotter to slowly trace these sentences which, in turn, activate the strings that connect to the branches and rocks. Over time, the movements of the branches and rocks build up visible marks, effectively writing Country onto the gallery walls and reminding us that we all stand on Whadjuk land.

Nidja moondang boodja-k naariny koondaaminy kalya winin maladjiny koorliny dandjoo wer werniny bandang keny boora dordong kaaradjiny wer yanginy nidja boodja.

Everything on this land since start of creation was always born, growing, moving and dying in harmony all together in a cycle of caring and sharing for this land.

Ngalak djarnyak mindar nidja dordong aliny warn minditj ngolanga wadjella koorl ngalak djarnyak dandjoo koorl wer dandjoo korl-koorliny.

We must heal this cycle as it’s been damaged after the non-Indigenous people came, we must come together and return to moving together.